PS3 Hacker Geohot Didn’t Know Sony Computer Entertainment of America Existed

George Hotz, the most infamous PlayStation 3 hacker, claims that he’s never heard of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, according to his lawyers for the The Sony v. Geohot case. He says that he thought Sony was just a Japanese company.

“When one purchases a PlayStation Computer and looks at its outer box, it has plastered on numerous places that it is a product of Sony Japan and all rights belong to Sony Japan. It only references Sony Japan – not SCEA,” his lawyer explained in a court filing. “When one takes the PlayStation Computer out of its box and inspects it, it states it is a product of Sony Japan and all rights belong to Sony Japan. It does not reference California. When one installs the PlayStation Computer firmware update that Mr. Hotz allegedly circumvented, which can legally be obtained through the internet as Mr. Hotz did, upon installation, it only refers to Sony Japan.”

So how can saying he doesn’t know SCEA existed help his case? Well it’s the case of jurisdiction, and if the actual PlayStation 3 product doesn’t mention SCEA, then they have no rights to apprehend him.

What next? Geohot claims he’s never heard of the PS3.

Source: The Escapist

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