The Duke Never Comes Early

After almost 15 years, the latest installment in the Duke Nukem series, Duke Nukem Forever is finally ready to hit store shelves. But wait, there is a slight problem.

“I’m very sorry for the added delay. We’ve all been working extremely hard and are very eager to deliver the game to you,” said Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford.

As of right now, the game has changed from its original May 3 (May 6 for international release) street date to June 14 (June 10 for international release).

This will be the shortest delay that the game has received since it started its development in 1997, and since Gearbox Software took over the development in 2009 from the title’s creator, 3D Realms.

Now all 2K and Gearbox ask of us fans is just a little more patience. Obviously we can’t all be as patient as this man:

But I think one more month is not too much time when we have waited for the game for over 10 years.

Gearbox has release an official video regarding this delay:


Source: Kotaku

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