PlayStation 3 Hacker Hides Out in South America

Sony is on the tracks of PlayStation 3 hacker, George Hotz, because he was able to hack the PS3. He gave the hard drive over to a neutral third party, but then it was found that integral components were deliberately taken from it. When Sony asked for them, they learned that Hotz, aka Geohot, ran away to South America.

He also lied, saying that he doesn’t have a PSN account, but Sony found a link between him and his PSN account based on the location of the IP address and the name used for the account, “Blickmaniac”, which is the same name used by someone who discussed jailbreaking cellphones online. Sony has enough in their case against him, but if they can prove that he has a PSN account, it means that they have jurisdiction, since everyone must agree to the user agreement when they create an account.

Although Hotz’s PSN account registration clearly establishes jurisdiction, even without it, SCEA has shown the necessary minimum contacts between Hotz and California.

Source: VGHQ

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