Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play Carmine Falcone’s Son in The Dark Knight Rises

Following the announcement of Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirmation that he will be in The Dark Knight Rises is the role he will play in the new Batman movie. Showblitz reports that Levitt will play the role of Gotham City crime boss Carmine Falcone son, Alberto Falcone aka The Holiday Killer. Alberto is a huge character in the story arc of The Long Halloween, a graphic novel that has been sited many times as the source for Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

In the graphic novel, Alberto is seen as the outcast of the Falcone family. Over shadowed by his other siblings, Alberto aims to prove his worth do his father by taking out various members of the Falcone and Maroni crime family. His action ultimately starts a war between the two families.

This is definitely a interesting choice for a villain that also coincides with the rumors that Christopher Nolan wants to bring the trilogy full circle. The first film focused on the Falcone family , the second film focused on the Maroni family. Only now how does Bane and Catwoman fit in all this?

The Dark Knight Rise is scheduled to hit theaters July 20, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Alberto Falcone’s character was inspired by Fredo and Michael Corleone from Francis Ford Coppolla’s The Godfather.

Source: Showblitz

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