Japan Rocked by Earthquake

UPDATE: Updated Death count, Right now there is a stream from Justin.tv, NHK World TV and AlJazaeera’s YouTube Channel. This post will be continued to be updated throughout the day to reflect new development.

At 2:46PM Japan Standard Time (7:46PM here in California) March 10th, 2011, Japan was struck by a earthquake that registered 8.8 on the Richter scale. It is one of the most powerful to hit Japan since the 1995 Kobe earthquake (It was measured 7.2). Shortly after, the shores were hit by a massive tsunami as well. There are bound to be secondary aftershocks with more tsunamis on the way. At around 3/11/2011 11:12AM, another 6.6 Magnitude was reported in central Japan.

As of this post, the death count is estimated over 1000 and rising. An unknown number are currently still missing. Cost of damage is still being assessed. A nuclear plant in the Fukushima prefecture has experience problems containing the pressure due to a cooling system malfunction. Despite all the damage and turmoil, it is amazing how quickly Japan has contained the panic. With the phone lines down, millions scattered to social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, and mixi (Japan’s equivalent of Facebook) on their keitai (cell phone) to check on friends and family.

Kotaku Japan Correspondent Brian Ashcraft has confirmed his safety. Among him, Japan’s great video game creators Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Soild), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario), Suda51 (Ho More Heroes), Masahiro Sakurai (Super Smash Series) have also tweeted their safety. I was amazed at how news quickly spread throughout the internet. It made me see the power of social networking and its potentially life-saving impact during disasters. Perhaps it can do good?

Most likely as a result of this, many companies will have to postpone development on their next games. I hope this doesn’t delay their project too much and wish them a speedy recovery. This is very sad news for Japan and my prayers go out to them and hope for the best.



Image source from Reuters


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