British/UK Actors Taking Over American Superhero Roles

So what is up with British/UK actors taking all the American superhero roles? To some, this might frustrate them because of their pride, since they want their hero to be represented by their own country. Let’s take a look at all the British/UK actors taking the American superhero roles shall we?

Christian Bale – Batman
Andrew Garfield – Spider-Man
Henry Cavill – Superman
James McAvoy – Professor X
Patrick Stewart – Professor X
Ioan Gruffudd – Mr. Fantastic

Before you say that Superman is Kryptonian, we can’t argue that he was raised as a baby in the United States. If an actor’s good, he’s good. So does that mean that British actors are better than American actors? Looks like it when you’re looking at the list above. But then let’s not forget the American actors who are, in fact, playing American superheroes.

Chris Evans – Captain America
Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man
Brandon Routh – Superman
Christopher Reeves – Superman
George Reeves – Superman
Wesley Snipes – Blade
Adam West – Batman
Michael Keaton – Batman
Val Kilmer – Batman
George Clooney – Batman
Ben Affleck – Daredevil
Tobey Maguire – Spider-Man

And let’s not forget that we have Americans playing British heroes.

Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes
Kevin Costner – Robin Hood
Keanu Reeves – Constantine
Angelina Jolie – Lara Croft

Ok, Kevin Costner and Keanu Reeves didn’t even use British accents. The point of all this is that it doesn’t matter as long as the actor does a good portrayal of the character. I’m not convinced on Americans playing British characters, but it seems the British/UK actors are good at portraying Americans, just take a look at James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson in Wanted.

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