Find Makarov Site a Hoax? No Modern Warfare 3 Yet?

Okay, so that countdown site we posted about late last week might be a hoax. These days with those crazy PR stunts, who knows what’s going on. I guess we’ll all know the truth behind this when the timer counts down; or, heck, maybe we’ll get lucky and that count-down timer site will send us to another count-down timer site, and we can all count together until this fall when Activision publishes another Call of Duty. Sorry, that was just my hateful rant against PR count-down sites; especially ones that, in the end, don’t even give you anything for your troubles ::glares at MGS:Rising and its teaser pic::.

It turns out that the site is (currently) for a fan-created movie about Modern Warfare 2 (image above). If the movie turns out to be good, we’ll be happy to post about it. If it turns out to be bad, maybe we’ll still post it, so all of the angry CoD fans can make fun of it.

UPDATE: CLICK HERE to see the find Makarov fan-made trailer!

Oh, and Activision had this to say about the issue:

There seems to be a great deal of speculation about the next Call of Duty project. Let me be clear that we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.

Who out there thinks Activision will definitely publish a new CoD game this year, despite developer troubles?

Here is Geoff Keighly talking about how the site is not related to MW 3.

and here is our original post about the “find Makarov” site.

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