Final Fantasy 3, Final Fantasy Tactics to iPhone?

I hate iPhones for the lack of a D-pad, but they sure are getting a heck of a lot of support these days. The latest news is that Square-Enix will be publishing Final Fantasy 3 on iPhone; however, it is not the Super Nintendo one you might be thinking about (that one is the 6th in the series). In case you missed the news, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions is also coming to the iPhone.

This one says FF 3, and FF Tactics are coming to Japan in the Spring for iPhone

One itty bitty problem is that so far they’ve only been announced for Japan in Spring, but since they’ve already localized Final Fantasy 3 for DS a few years back, and Final Fantasy Tactics has been released in America as well, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing them both in the U.S. this year.

The iPhone should be capable enough to run this DS version of FF 3

Which versions of these two games will the iPhone will get? Will they be the old versions already created for other systems (NES, DS, PSP), or brand new ones specifically for iPhone?

The original story is from Silicon Era

Here’s a fancy non-in-game trailer for Final Fantasy 3 on DS:


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