Jill Valentine Already In Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Game Disc?

The controversy is that the character, Jill Valentine, is a DLC character that is available when downloaded. A hacker named Krisan Thyme looked inside the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game to dig in on anything he can find. He recently found a playable version of Jill Valentine. Her moves are intact, but certain files are missing including some voice-work and poses.

What does this mean for Capcom? I don’t know, but I do know what it means for gamers who are fed up with Capcom charging them for DLC content… an even angrier gamer.

Krisan’s buddy, Global-Trance, sent this in to Shoryuken:

Hey SRK,
Krisan Thyme and I are back with some more stuff dug up from the game’s disc. More specifically we’ve managed to make Jill playable. First of all some words from Krisan Thyme himself and links to the photos. They are photos of some of her moves and her hypers. I’ve included a zip file in the directory as well in case you want all the photos that I took. Hacking done by Krisan and photographs by me.

“This was a relatively simple hack. I decrypted the PS3 version’s executable file, changed some variables around, and replaced Viewtiful Joe with Jill. I then re-encrypted the executable and made a quick modification to the game-data MvC3 installs onto the PS3. (Namely, changed a parameter so that the game would treat the modified executable as though it were a patch.) After a bit more tweaking and poking at the game files, I successfully loaded her into the character select screen. (And yes, she’s completely playable, albeit at the expense of losing Viewtiful Joe.)

Jill Valentine – In a Nutshell:
Her art assets are all there, for those curious. And yea, her moveset appears to be complete and in working order as well. Though before anyone cries out in anger at Capcom for placing DLC on the disc after knowing this, you might be very interested to know something else.. For one thing, although she has some voice work done and already on the disc, it appears as though she’s still -missing- a good portion of dialogue. Namely, she’s missing all of her tag-in vocals – she simply says nothing at the moment when she tags someone else in. Likewise it doesn’t seem anyone else has any tag-in dialogue done for her either! Furthermore her assists are suspiciously quiet.. there’s no ending taunt to them at all, barely even an audible grunt to them actually. In fact, a lot of her voice work is notably low-volume.. Her winning battle taunt is almost indecipherable, she mutters it so softly. Jill also appears to be missing any form of victory blurb at the end of battle.. Likewise, although her moveset is complete (as mentioned above) there do appear to be what I’d all balancing issues.. Her Machine Gun Hyper is a good example.. It’s honestly just so horrifically terrible, that I have a hard time believing it’s finished. If it’s honestly done the way it is, then she’ll probably have one of the worst hypers in the game in her arsenal. (Which isn’t too flattering to say for a DLC character, is it?)

The long and short of it? She’s incomplete. A lot of her assets are there, yes that’s true.. But she’s missing some stuff as well, and could use a bit of polish to match the quality of everyone else on the roster. So if you’re paying for anything when you buy Jill in about a month.. It’s for whatever labor went into polishing her character and finishing her dialogue after the game itself went gold. (Which to me, is pretty fair.)

As a side note.. I’ve actually gotten Shuma-Gorath working too. We’ll post pictures of that in a couple of days, and add more commentary then. For now, enjoy the new pictures and info on Jill.
~ Krisan Thyme”

Hacking: Krisan Thyme
Photography: Global-Trance


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