Pandora Hearts Volume 2 Premium Edition Review

NISA has brought us the second installment of Pandora Hearts with Pandora Hearts Volume 2 Premium Edition. The Premium Edition once again comes with 2 DVDs and a beautiful artbook of the Anime.

The Anime picks up with the continuation of the ensuing events involving the Cheshire Cat, the Will of Abyss, and saving Alice. Oz is continuously attacked by Cheshire Cat before being saved by a fragment of Jack Vessalius and transported elsewhere. Jack requests Oz to save Alice and shows him the events of the Tragedy of Sablier, an event from a century ago that is surrounded by a lot of mystery. Oz observes the events of the Tragedy of Sablier and notices that a young Vincent Nightray was there a century ago when it all happened. He proceeds to follow Vincent to only run into a room where he finds the bloody corpse of Alice, which drives him mad. Oz’ madness is turned into a power that started to destroy the dimensional space Cheshire Cat dragged them into until Gil brings Oz to his senses. After saving Alice, Oz continues to replay the scenes of the Tragedy of Sablier in his head and becomes determined to solve its unanswered mysteries.

Oz and crew become entangled in events involving the Citizens of Baskerville as they dig deeper into the mystery of the Tragedy of Sablier. Every time Oz gets a bit closer to the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier, he is setback as many other mysteries arise and present themselves. Oz is thrown into disarray as more and more mysteries arise as he finds one answer and is presented with more confusion. Oz tries to ask Jack, who now resides within him, for answers but Jack continuously chooses not to respond to his requests and keeps to himself. The Citizens of Baskerville confront Oz during when he visits Ada, his younger sister, one on one to drag Jack out but their attempts become futile as Jack won’t even respond to Oz. This ends in bigger failure when Elliot Nightray stumbled across the situation and proceeds to save Oz and Ada. The Citizens of Baskerville tells Oz that they will cross paths again as Oz holds the power they need. Oz becomes more determined to seek out the answers to these mysteries and is invited to join Pandora’s chain hunting task force after Break informs him that hunting chains to find Alice’s memories may answer all those mysteries.

The Pandora Hearts Volume 2 Premium Edition DVD box set is once again packaged in a black box with – white font; a picture of the Gil, Jack, and Alice on one side, and Pandora Hearts Volume 2 Premium Edition logo on the reverse side. There are a total of 12 episodes in this volume along with 4 Pandora Hearts Bonus omake episodes on the second DVD. The omake continues the comedy spoofs and explanation what has happened up to that point in the anime. The artbook is once again a beautifully designed hardcover artbook that further explains certain character backgrounds, contains more artworks, and another manga short at the end. The artbook also contains some explanation of the Tragedy of Sablier.

Pandora Hearts becomes a bit more serious in this volume as many events unfold. The character interactions now become many explanations for each mystery that arises and unfolds as the story progresses. The second half of this anime does not contain as much comedy due to the seriousness of the unfolding story but it enforces a bigger mystery aspect that is equally as entertaining as the first half of the series. Pandora Hearts Volume 2 concludes the Anime itself so look forward to other great titles in the future from NISA.

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