Will Robin Williams Play Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises? – Nope

It’s no secret that sometimes the media can take a spinet of information and blow it completely out of proportion. Shit, I’m currently writing an article about how I think Knightfall Batman might appear in the new movie, but sometimes when it gets its hands on something so juicy its hard not to run away with it.

Meet Jett, Jett is a respected blogger and avid Batman fan. He runs the website Batman On Film and has been featured numerous times in USA Today, Variety and The Boston Globe.

One day, Jett happened to post a tweet about about how he liked the idea of Robin Williams as Hugo Strange. Before he knew it, multiple websites had posted the rumor and listed him as a credible source. Luckily, Jett was nice enough at least clear up the rumor.

All I was doing was thinking out loud after a chat I had with an industry friend of mine. I’ve made no secret that 1) I’d LOVE it if Robin Williams finally got his wish and was cast in a Batman film, and, 2) I’d also love to see the character of Hugo Strange included in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

That’s it.

I’m flattered that all these outlets think that one of my Tweets is a story, but really, they’re all making a mountain out of very small anthill. If I knew that Hugo Strange was in the film for a fact — as well as Robin Williams portraying the character — I wouldn’t say anything about it anywhere

So there you have it, no Hugo Strange for The Dark Knight Rises. Now how about that Knightfall Batman? XP

Source: Batman On Film

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