Watch Full Episode of ‘Chuck’ Online Here: Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible

If you missed last night’s episode of Chuck, you can watch the full episode below for “Chuck vs. the Seduction Impossible” that aired on February 7, 2011.

Chuck and Sarah’s wedding plans took center stage last night. See them argue about the specifics and both try to get their way (and do their normal secret agent duties). You can also check out the Chuck and Sarah wedding site too, which is now live.

And here’s a clip from last night and a preview for next week’s episode below.

Ep 414: The Art of Seduction

Determined to each get their own way, Chuck and Sarah try a little seductive persuasion on each other.

Preview: “Chuck vs. the C.A.T. Squad”

Chuck stirs up troubles when he reunites Sarah with her old team of beautiful but deadly CIA agents. Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars

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