Spider-Man’s Web Shooters Fail and Irrfan Khan Puts to Rest Proto-Goblin Rumors

It has been a busy week for the set of the new Spider-Man reboot. We have been doing numerous reports on the new photos from the LA set but this is the first time we can actually see Spidey is trying to use his web shooters. In the photos below, the scene depicts the classic Spider-Man cliche of Peter Parker running out of web fluid.

Web Swing!




In other Spider-Man related news, there has been a rumor going around that Slumdog Millionaire actor Irrfan Khan will be Proto-Goblin in the reboot. The Bollywood actor put those rumors to rest during a recent interview with Indian Express.

While he is looking forward to Spider-Man, the 48-year-old confesses, that initially he wasn’t keen on the project. “I didn’t want to be part of this violent American fantasy. But both my sons were excited and kept insisting that I take it up.” But the intricacy and freshness of the script finally won. Even then, Irrfan placed one condition before Webber — he didn’t want to be a masked villain or become another creature. Spider-Man’s schedule in Los Angeles will follow his March shoot for Life of Pi in Taiwan.

Some interesting developments over at the Spider-Man camp. I still hate the [email protected]#% out of that new costume though. It’s so horrible and what is up with the crotch!
Source: Pop Sugar, Indian Express

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