Facebook Obsession: See the Real Story Behind Facebook This Thursday

CNBC’s one-hour documentary The Facebook Obsession, will be premiering on January 6th, 2011 at 9pm ET/PT. This will be the real story behind the largest social media site in the

Disney 3D Blu-rays Coming 2011 Including Lion King, TRON: Legacy, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast

The Walt Disney Studios has announced their list of Disney Blu-rays in 3D coming 2011. They plan to release 15 titles in 3D this year. The biggest Disney 2D-animated blockbuster

Stan Lee To Get Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame Today

Today, January 4th, we celebrate our geek independence! Stan “The Man” Lee gets his star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame today, just only a week after his 88th birthday. On

Machete Claymation Short in One Minute

Perfect timing to release a Machete claymation promoting Brisk with Machete Blu-ray/DVD being released today. Starring Danny Trejo, he sums up Machete in about a minute. As funny as this

Control Robots with Microsoft Kinect: The Beginning of Surrogates?

The Microsoft Kinect’s greatest assets comes from hackers who creates new and different ways to use the Kinect. Let’s take Taylor Veltrop for example. His Veltrobot remote telepresence ‘bot tracks

Actor Pete Postlethwaite Dies at 64

Pete Postlethwaite may not be a household name but some of his performances are the most memorable. The 64-year-old British actor died Sunday after his long battle with cancer. Pete

Three New Previews for The Cape Available Now

The Cape is coming this Sunday, and we have three new previews available for your viewing pleasure, so check it out. Cape Training Max drills Vince on how to harness

Donkey Kong Country Returns With Classic Platforming – Review

When it comes to video games, few characters would be recognized more easily than Donkey Kong. He’s been around since the kidnapping of Pauline in the original Donkey Kong game that came out in 1981. Donkey Kong is probably best known from the series of games made by Rare on the Super NES. This new game goes back to the old ways of the platformer games created by Rare; the more punishing kind; but is it too difficult by today’s standards?

Dead Space Creators Give Dedicated Fans a Little Gift

For those of you who have played the original Dead Space and have kept the save file, there is great news for you. Whether you have completed the game or