Nerds Everywhere Are in Mourning as Wizard Ceases Publication

For almost 20 years, Wizard magazine has been the go to source for anything going on in the comic book industry. Sadly, the owner of the company, Gareb Shamus, announced that they are stopping the print magazine and are switching to a solely online magazine. Not only is Wizard magazine gone, but Toyfare magazine as well. With that announcement, also came the firing of almost all of the magazine’s employees. The online publication will be aptly titled “Wizard World Magazine.” For those of you that might be hoping for a final farewell issue can keep wishing. Shamus also stated that this current issue is the last. Gee, thanks.

To find out a bit what was going on behind the scenes, the guys over at iFanboy had a chat with one of the former Wizard employees. Let’s just say it is definitely worth the read. At one point, Wizard printed a few issues of Marvel comics within the magazine without Marvels’ consent. Check out the links below. It’s unfortunate to find out how some companies operate, but I guess that is the nature of the beast.

Former Wizard employee speaks.

Snipits from the interview

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