Thrill Electric – A Ten-Part Motion Comic

Leah Moore (Tom Strong and the End is Nigh) announced that she and John Reppion (Albion and Witchblade: Shades of Gray) would be writing an upcoming ten part motion comic called ‘The Electric Thrill) which is being designed by artist, Emma Vieceli (Dragon Heir and Princess Ai: Rumors from the Other Side), illustrated by Windflower Studio, and animated by LittleLoud Studios.

According to Moore the story is set in a fast paced world of the Victorian Internet.  She says that:

The story revolves around the office of the International and Electric Telegraph Company in Manchester, in 1871. We follow the fortunes of a gang of young adults who connect with wires. They have the day to day data of the city, of the world even, flowing through their telegraph keys. They are solely responsible for the safe transmission of millions of messages from Croydon to Calcutta, Cairo to Copenhagen, millions of bits of information flowing through the wires, through their fingers. Millions of people relying on the telegraph for news of wars, the prices of their stocks, the news of a loved one’s birth, or marriage or death. All of this responsibility heaped on those young shoulders and they still manage to find time to slack off, play games, bitch about each other and fall madly passionately in love, all at the lightning  speed of the telegraph.

The Thrill Electric revisits a generation who were at the cutting edge of technology, who had skills which took them to a whole new level, and created a whole new class of young affluent workers. men and women were working side by side often for the first time, trying to outclass one another with their telegraph skills. Feathers were ruffled, and the tension, well you could say it was electric! [MOOREREPPION.COM]

It has been picked up by Hattrick Productions and 4education.  This looks like quite interesting project to keep an eye on.

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