iSimple HedFx 3502 Review

iSimple modernizes Bluetooth headsets. I was lucky enough to receive a pair to tryout. And let me tell you, this Bluetooth is one of the best I have tried. I have paid for many others Bluetooth and did not come close to what this had to offer.

The iSimple HedFx 3502 is more than a Bluetooth receiver for phone use; it is a caller-id and headphones for music listening. This came with a recharger for the receiver and 5 sets of ear tips.

When I first received this I tried it out on my phone to make sure it works. And it was great; I was able to see who was calling without pulling out my phone. After this I used my phone as an MP3 player and that did not disappoint either.

I even used it on my computers as a wireless headphone for music and that was great as well. When I used the headset as headphones I was able to use the receiver as a control to skip, pause, play, and stop music.

My last test was to test it on my PS3 and this came with above average results. One of the downsides was the connectivity problem. It would drop randomly and reconnect; so I may be talking with my crew and all of a sudden they will hear silence. And when I hit mute it sometimes drops my connection as well. But all in all, the PS3 test was a success with a few minor bumps.

But don’t let that keep you from buying this product. This is a great Bluetooth and headphones. Below are the specs for the HedFx 3502.

Rating: B+

Description of new product: Bluetooth Stereo in-ear headphones with Caller ID and passive noise cancelling.

Adaptor Function:

Bluetooth receiver connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth phone providing hands free

operation with Caller ID for incoming calls. The ISHP3502 supports A2DP and AVRCP

allowing you to stream music wirelessly to the stereo headphones, and control playback

including track forward, track back, Play, and Pause.

Included with Product:

(1) Bluetooth Controller / Receiver

(1) In-Ear headphones

(5) Sets of custom fit ear tips (for most comfortable fit)

(1) USB charging cable

Compatibility: Bluetooth V 2.1 compatible

Additional Details:

Driver Diameter: 9mm

SPL: 110dB

Frequency response: 20Hz- 20KHz

Length: 51” (1.3m) total

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