Snakebyte Debuts at CES 2011

Snakebyte made their CES debut at CES 2011 and had some nifty accessories to show at their booth. They have a variety of accessories for the PS3, Wii, and PC.

Snakebyte worked with Square Enix to develop a Final Fantasy XIV Controller for the PC that is similar to that of a PS2 controller mixed with somehat of a baterang style to it. The controller comes in white with the Final Fantasy XIV logo on it with the standard setup of buttons and analog stick you would see on a Sony console controller. There are also the additions of the function, analog, and vibration on/off buttons. The controller itself has the feeling of dry glossy mat like feel to it and is very comfortable on the hands to hold.

The PS3 side of things has the Bluetooth Controller, the Move Charger, Move Navigation Controller, Move Snake-Eye, and Premium Bluetooth Remote. The Bluetooth Controller is their very own turbo controller for the PS3 that is designed to sit comfortably in your hands for hours on end. The controller has concaved triggers, which allow for better response when utilizing the L2 or R2 buttons in FPS games. This a very big thing for FPS players as the concaved triggers has been a long desired default standard on PS3 controllers.

The Move Charger is a charging dock for the Move and Move Navigation controllers with digital clock and temperature gage that lights up. The Move Charger has 3 mini-USB ports and 2 regular USB ports on the back of the dock for extra charging functions. The Move Navigation controller is designed with a grip for easier holding of the controller and prevents easily dropping it.

The Move Snake-Eye is Snakebyte’s own Eye Camera for the PS3 that can also be clipped onto the TV to be kept locked down and stable. The Premium Bluetooth Remote is designed for PS3 blu-ray playback enjoyment but can also become a universal remote for various things of ones own entertainment setup.

On the Wii side of things, Snakebyte has the Wii MiniMote, Wii Motion XL + Starter Pack, Wii Fitness Board, and Wii Premium Remote XL+. The Wii MiniMote is a smaller Wii Mote that is lighter weight and easier to hold and carry during game play. This controller is extremely ideal for kids as their hands are smaller so this will make playing games on the Wii easier. The Wii MiniMote comes in the colors blue or red.

The Wii Motion XL+ Starter Pack is a starter kit that includes a regular sized Wii Mote, a Motion Plus Adaptor, and a Wii Nunchuck. The Motion Plus Adaptor increases motion control responsiveness and the Wii Nunchuck creates a simpler directional movement when playing games. The Wii Motion XL+ Starter Pack comes in the colors black or white.

The Wii Fitness Board has a nice grip for one’s feet to prevent issues of a person slipping off when using the Fitness Board and can hold up 390 lbs. The Fitness board comes in black or white. The Wii Premium Remote XL+ is a Wii Mote with the Motion Plus built-in interally instead of having it as a separate adaptor to increase motion responsiveness when playing Wii games. The Wii Premium Remote XL+ comes in black or white.

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