CES 2011: Turtle Beach Blows Your Eardrums Off

Turtle Beach, who is known for their awesome gaming headsets, have just announced the release of 3 new headsets for consumers. At this year’s CES, we got a chance to check out their new lines. Heres the rundown:

Ear Force PX5 — The PX5 is one of the first programmable headsets that are available on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The programming lets you customize sound settings specific to your needs on different presets. An example would be if you’re playing as a sniper and you have a preset that amplifies the sound of footsteps or reloading which will assist in giving away an enemy’s position. All settings will be adjustable through the PC with included software.

Ear Force P11 — This headset is specially designed for the PS3, but is still also compatible with the PC and Mac. It is USB powered and delivers crystal clear surround sound. One nice feature is that it has¬†independent¬†volume controls for chat and in-game audio so that you can balance the two to your liking.

Ear Force XC1 — Where the P11 is for the PS3, the XC1 was designed solely for the Xbox 360. The difference with this headset though, is that it is a communicator headset, not a standard gaming headset. It is a great alternative to the standard Xbox headset, which if you’re anything like me, is annoying, uncomfortable and breaks easily. With a price point MSRP of $24.95, only $5 more than the Microsoft branded headset, you can’t go wrong.

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