CES 2011: Nyko’s 2011 Product Line-Up

Nyko kicks off 2011 with more accessories for the PS3, 360, and Wii in their showcase. Starting with their PS3 accessories, they have the Raven Standard controllers and Raven Alternate controllers. For the Playstation Move they have a Charge Station, Charge Station Quad, Power Shot, and Perfect Shot.

Raven Standard (Below)

Raven Alternative (Below)

The Raven Standard and Raven Alternate controllers are Nyko’s Multi-Axis PS3 controllers thats run an identical setup to Sony’s PS3 controllers with Nyko’s Raven controllers having a rubber mat feel for comfortability. The Raven Alternate has a switch in the back of the controller that allows for players to switch positions of the directional pad and left analog stick in the instance a player would prefer to use the directional pad over the left analog stick to play a PS3 game. The L2 and R2 trigger buttons are also designed similarly to the 360 controller’s trigger buttons enabling easier finger-slip free usage for games especially FPS games. That way players will no longer have to deal with those pesky slip ups during the most crucial moments when playing games. These 2 controllers are at a nice an affordable price of $34.99 each and is currently available at various retail locations.

Charge Station for Move (Below):

Charge Station Quad for Move (Below):

The Charge Station for Move and Charge Station Quad for Move are as the names suggest a charge station for Sony’s Move Motion and Move Navigation controllers. The Charge Station for Move allows for both the Move and Move Navigation controllers to be charged at once while the Charge Station Quad for Move allows for the charging of 2 sets of the Move and 2 sets of the Move Navigation controllers simultaneously. Both charge stations have an LED Charge Indicator that displays the charge status of the Move controllers so players will know when the controllers are good for use. The Charge Station for Move is $19.99 and the Charge Station Quad for Move is $29.99 with both available at retail stores.

Power Shot for Move (Below)

Perfect Shot for Move (Below)

The Power Shot for Move and Perfect Shot for Move are Nyko’s 2 newest PS3 accessories. The Power Shot for Move is a rifle attachment for the Move and Move Navigation that provides smoother firing and aiming accuracy in FPS games. The Power Shot for Move attaches the Move on the top of the rifle and has a removal rotating Move Navigation dock under the Power Shot to act as a rifle handle attachment. This allows for left or right-handed firing to allow for comfortability of the player. The Perfect Shot for Move is a pistol attachment for the Move. This accessory is the lighter alternative for players that want to be able to single hand wield a gun attachment for the Move without having to support a lot of weight. The Perfect Shot is very accurate and responsive while giving the field of a piston to the player. Both accessories are project to be available in March 2011.

Charge Station S (below)

For the 360, Nyko will be releasing the Charge Base S and the Intercooler STS. The Charge Base S is a sleek redesigned charging dock that can catch up to 2 360 controllers simultaneously and includes 2 NiMH rechargable batteries. The batteries charges in 2 hours and lasts 25 hours of play when charged to full. The Charge Base S also has an additional USB port that can be used universally to charge anything from an extra 360 controller to phones. The project release date for the Charge Base S is March 2011 and the MSRP will be $24.99.

The Intercooler STS (Below)

The Intercooler STS utilizes Nyko’s TempSmart technology to keep the 360 Slim running at optimal environmental conditions. Unlike, the intercooler for the original and 360 elite consoles, the Intercooler STS is smaller and now attaches to the right side of the 360 Slim instead of the back and provides increased airflow away from the 360 Slim to keep it cooler than ever. The Intercooler STS also can detect when to keep the fan on or off thanks to the TempSmart technology. The Intercooler STS is projected to release in February 2011 and has an MSRP of $19.99.

Perfect Shot Pro White (Below)

Perfect Shot Pro Black (Below)

Perfect Shot Pro Camo (Below)

Finally, they have the Perfect Shot Pro for the Wii. The Perfect Shot Pro is a refined version of the original Perfect Shot for the Wii. The Perfect Shot Pro features vibration to provide force feedback when in use. The firing and aiming sight has become smoother and more accurate much like the PS3’s Perfect Shot. The Perfect Shot Pro is also very responsive and follows after the player’s movements very nicely. The Perfect Shot Pro comes in white, black, and camo colors. The projected release date for this item is April 2011 and MSRP will be $19.99.

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