Things About the 3DS You Should Know

As some of you may know, Nintendo is holding a big event at Nintendo world in Tokyo right now. As a part of the event, Nintendo has just release a chart that gives detailed specification to the soon to be released system. Things like what type of screen they are using, what kind of connector port, and what kind of input possibility they have are all outlined in the chart, but what is interesting is the power related details near the bottom.

First off, the system will take about 3 and a half hour to fully charge, I am assuming that is from completely no power to full, and honestly that is not bad considering how much power it requires. Secondly, the 3DS will only last, on average, 3-5 hours on a dim level backlight. The 3DS will do anywhere from 5 to 8 hours when it’s used to play a regular DS game. Keep in mind that these are on the dim light setting, if backlight is set on highest intensity, or playing with no light at all, it will affect the battery life accordingly.

Click here for the official Nintendo website that outlines the specifications of the 3DS

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