CES 2011: Casio Tricks Out Camera with TRYX

During the Casio Press Conference, I learned that Casio originated from the Japanese last name Kashio (since the CEO’s last name is Kashio). Yes I’m getting sidetracked, but I thought that was interesting. The most coolest product featured during the event was the debut of the Casio TRYX.

“TRYX truly is a remarkable camera and its announcement is a defining moment for Casio,” said Toshi Iguchi, Senior General Manager, Digital Imaging Division, Casio America Inc. “Unlike anything the industry has ever seen, TRYX brings unparalleled innovation and versatility straight to consumers’ hands with a radical new design. This is a camera which was designed specifically to meet the needs of the creative and connected consumer, looking for a unique digital imaging experience and a camera to compliment their lifestyle and personality.”

It’s a new camera that can take pictures and capture FullHD video. But that’s not the reason why it’s cool. The reason why is because of its unique design that lets the user control the camera with more versatility. The camera has a frame that allows the inside camera to be swiveled in 360 degrees. The frame of the camera allows the TRYX to act as a tripod, the LCD screen can be rotated the opposite direction so that users can see themselves in the portrait. The frame of the camera can also be flipped and rotated so that the camera can be hanged from a hook, door knob, or any other surface. The body of the camera can emulate a traditional camcorder that can record in 1080 with 30fps, with the feeling of holding a pocket camcorder either with the left or right hand.

The Casio TRYX will be available April 2011 for $249.99.

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