Spider-Man Actor Doesn’t Know His Character’s Name

Irrfan Khan (Slumdog Millionaire) will be playing Nels Van Adder, a character in the Spider-Man comics who volunteers to be a test subject and becomes Proto-Goblin. In an interview with Arts Beat, Khan talks about being casted as the Proto-Goblin.

Q. In “Spider-Man” you’re playing a character not that many people have heard of. What can you tell us about Van Adder?
A. Is that his name? These science-fiction names don’t mean a lot to me. He’s a character who, I think, was not in the comics or perhaps a minor character. I’ve read some pages, but the whole script hasn’t been made available to me.

Gee, if I was an actor, I would at least know my character’s name. Looks like he’s not that excited about his role. And if he’s not that excited, why should fans be?

Q. Have you had to do any training in preparation for the part? And what about being in 3-D?
A. You don’t do training for action. You’re waiting for action. You just strap yourself into a harness and go. Two dimensions, three dimensions — “Avatar” really made a difference in terms of 3-D, but beyond that I haven’t thought about it.

No training? Last time I checked, Tobey Maguire did a lot of training to become Spider-Man. But then again, Khan’s not Spider-Man is he?

Source: Arts Beat

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