Darth Vader Approves the Samsung Galaxy S

In America, the Motorola Droid 2 cell phone was marketed with the image of R2-D2. This special R2-D2 version was bundled with various Rebel Alliance goodies like sound packs and live wallpapers. The Japanese chose a different path to advertise the new Samsung Galaxy S phone, which also runs Google Android software. They went to the dark side instead and chose the Empire’s most evil villain: Darth Vader. Japanese cell phone carrier NTT DOCOMO has a new commercial showing Darth Vader in the presence of all types of Japanese people from Salarymen, to young women. The commercial is humorous and I’ve chosen some of my favorite scenes below.

Watch the commercial at the bottom of the post!


Source: Android Central
NTT DOCOMO Press Release: Samsung Galaxy S

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