Daft Punk Pre-Order Bundle’s Online and Dazed Digital Short


Annie Mac, acclaimed BBC Radio 1 host, put up the track titled “TRON Legacy” expected in the album soon to be released. You can check it out at BBC iRadio! It is around 1:26:00. Enjoy.

You can now pre-order the Daft Punk, TRON: Legacy, album on iTunes. The pre-order will come packed with the entire album, allow for immediate access to the track “Derezzed”, and on release date December 6th, two bonus tracks will also be added.

If you are not an iTunes addict, you should be getting this pre-order at TRON Soundtrack UK. They are offering the hard copy deluxe 2 CD album, a digital download of it, and the poster imaged above in the post! You can also expect to get this December 6th.  All this for roughly $32. Not bad!

More news from the home base of Daft Punk. Dazed Digital has been working on a project with the French electric duo, and has finally put up a snippet of an artistic depiction of the duo orchestrated. “The film will be devoid of dialogue, but promises to be a visual and musical journey.” Could this be a perfect blend between TRON, Interstella 5555, and ELECTROMA!? November 18 is when we can expect this to emerge itself.

With all the hype of TRON: Legacy film, and album coming out in December, could this finally be the news we have all been waiting for of a live tour announcement? We hope so.

Check out the Dazed Digital short bellow.

Source: HypeBeast, TRON Soundtrack dot CO dot UK, Listen The World

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