Bitchin Iphone Game Lets You Defend Your Hometown from TIE Fighters

This is by far one of the most innovative cell phone games to come around in a long time. Vertigore Games has created a game where you are a gunner on the legendary Millennium Falcon. In the game you mow down hordes of TIE Fighters that come hurdling at you just like in the Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

The game features realistic sounds and audio clips from the movie, as well as a special Augmented Reality Mode that allows you to use your Iphone or Itouch video camera to put a live backdrop to your gameplay. Now you can fight The Empire anywhere! In the tub, at the laundry mat, in class, at the DMV, during a riot, at a funeral, ON A BOAT!, at the prom, or during The Rally to Restore Sanity.  There is no limit to where you can fight The Empire.

Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner is available for the Iphone 3Gs, Iphone 4Gs, and 4th generation Ipod Touch. Sorry Android users 🙁


Source: Vertigo Games

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