Save a Kiwi, Buy Sonic Creator’s New Game, ‘Ivy the Kiwi?’

Ivy the Kiwi, a game by Yuji Naka (fame Sonic creator), is coming out tomorrow on the 29th of October. It’s a cute game for the Nintendo Wii and DS, and with your help, you can save a kiwi. Publisher Rising Star Games announced that it will donate a portion for every Ivy the Kiwi? copies sold to the official Save the Kiwi charity.

“We’re delighted to be able to announce our partnership with BNZ Save the Kiwi Trust,” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “It’s great to be able to give something back to the bird that’s the subject of our next game – Ivy the Kiwi? – and help work towards securing its future for years to come.”

Ivy the Kiwi? is a game that follows a baby bird looking for her mom. Travel along the world and follow a trail of feathers to help Ivy on her journey. The game has been used to fully utilize the touch screen of the DS and the motion controls of the Wii. With over 100 stages, help guide the wandering baby through each puzzle-themed level.

Start donating to help save the kiwi by buying the game, or by visiting

If watching this video doesn’t make you feel a little for the kiwi species, nothing will, so save a kiwi!

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