Chris Evans as Captain America Revealed!

Here he is in all his sexy red, white, and blue glory. This is first look of Chris Evans as Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger. I’m digging the WWII uniform, which is still grounded in reality while still leaving room for the superhero to show off his patriotism.

During the shoot in London, Chris Evans commented on his initial thoughts for being Captain America, and why he was reluctant to be a superhero again.

“At the time, I remember telling a buddy of mine, ‘If the movie bombs, I’m f—-ed. If the movie hits, I’m f—-ed!'” After declining the part three times, Evans took a meeting with Marvel execs and Johnston and was dazzled by their plans for the movie. He still felt wary about suiting up for Captain America — but then he had an epiphany. “I was just scared,” he says. “I realized my whole decision making process was fear based, and you never want to make a decision out of fear.'” Evans signed a six-picture deal with Marvel to play the character, and he has no regrets: “I can’t believe I was almost too chicken to play Captain America.”

In the story, Chris Evans plays Steve Rogers, who later becomes Captain America. It’s set during World War II and Steve Rogers is a scrawny weakling who really wanted to fight the Nazis for his country but couldn’t because, well, he’s a scrawny weakling. All that changed when he joined the Super Soldier program where they inject him with the Super Soldier serum that turns nerdy-looking guys to hunky superheroes.

Director Joe Johnston had this to say:

“The interesting thing about this character is that he’s an everyman who in the course of a few minutes become a perfect human specimen. That has to create some interesting personal issues,” says Johnston. “I saw it as an opportunity to make a superhero movie that felt real, that didn’t have to rely on an overabundance of fantasy elements.”

Captain America: The First Avenger comes out to theaters on July 22, 2011.

Source: PopWatch

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