DC’s Earth One Graphic Novel Makes Superman Look Like an Emo Vampire

First Dante, now the Man of Steel himself has gone emo. DC comics is releasing a new graphic novel called Superman: Earth One. In the novel, Clark Kent is portrayed as “young, hip, and moody”, just like any other emo kid, except for the fact that Kent can fly, has super strength and is faster than a speeding bullet. DC artist Shane Davis will be illustrating the novel, while veteran writer J. Michael Straczynksi will handle the story. Straczynksi has worked on many comic books for both DC and Marvel, including writing for TV shows like Murder, She Wrote and Walker Texas Ranger. Most of the novel keeps to the original Superman story, last son of Krypton, Lois Lane mocking him, but there will be a more contemporary feel to the story. A Batman: Earth One graphic novel is in the works also, but theres no details on it as of yet.

For some reason he reminds me of Tom Cruise...

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