Playstation 3 Fans Treated to No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise

Travis Touchdown has finally left the Nintendo Wii, which was amazing to see such a violent and gory game fit into Nintendo’s ideal for family gaming, but it was such an awesome game, it gave Nintendo fans talking about kicking ass, chopping heads of and tossing around wrestling moves with Travis’s Beam (Lightsaber) Katana.

Konami has officially picked up the rights to Suda51’s No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, an improved port from the Nintendo Wii’s No More Heroes.

The updates include HD graphics, additional levels and a new boss rush mode….but also Playstation Move support. The game will be released sometime in 2011, and it’s a surprise Ubisoft didn’t want to release, because knowing that fans have been waiting for this game outside the Wii.

The game received high praise and high review scores but now will be more avalailable as you take on all opponents in Heroes’ Paradise. You never know, you might get some hot action with your gore.

Sorry Xbox 360 fan. So far no news about a 360 release of the game has been announced as of yet, but there is always hope.

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