The Last Story Coming to Wii in 2011

The man who created Final Fantasy, and left Squaresoft, has since been busy, and this is his latest creation – The Last Story, which will be available for the Wii in Japan in January 2011. Apparently the battles will happen in real-time, with an emphasis on the player manually making the character they control dodge. The main character will attack automatically, and must use a spell by pressing the “C” button on the nunchuck to draw enemies’ attention away from your mage(s) who are casting spells. The main character can take cover, and even shoot a bow, though I’m not sure if the bow requires the player to aim the Wii remote, or what.  Hopefully more details about the game will emerge soon. For now though, a new trailer needs to be watched. The trailer is in Japanese, so feel free to make up the most awesome story you’ve ever heard.


More details about the battle system can be found here.

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