Vindictus Early Beta Preview: Free-to-Play MMORPG Brings the Goods

It’s been a while since I have played a PC game, but I had a chance to play the beta for Vindictus, thanks to my new PC (my old PC couldn’t even edit video without it crashing). Nexon, Vindictus’ publisher, has been promoting the MMO big time at events like E3, with huge-ass bags, but I never really got into the hoopla, until now. I didn’t know what I was missing, but this Free-to-Play MMORPG showed me that free MMOs can have good graphics and solid gameplay.

The only MMORPG that I’ve played was WoW. And I have only played it during its 2-week trial period. Let’s just say that I was sitting down in nothing but my boxers, staring at the screen while grinding and leveling up, feeling very unproductive.

Vindictus steps up to the plate by offering us an action-based MMO. The game client is around 2 gigs, and when you start the beta, you’re only allowed to test out two different characters, Lann or Fiona. I chose to main with the Fiona character because, well, I like women.

After choosing my Fiona character, I was able to do some customization. You have your basic hair, face, eyes, skin color, and breast size option. Choosing a nickname was a hard one because most of the names I tried to create were taken.

Once my character was created, I was taken into a battle cutscene where I have to stop a giant spider who was once human. My group that I come in with was ambushed by these creatures called the gnolls. My character ended up being the only one left, and this is where the tutorial starts as you kill the gnolls and ultimately in the end of the tutorial, confront the spider (who was once human).

Once that’s done, the whole town praises you and you travel into the town where your real journey begins. In the town, you’ll meet new characters, via cool and pretty character artworks, that will tell you about what’s going on in the world and will give you missions to do .When I was roaming around the town, the loading for other online players in the town wasn’t that fast, so most of the time they were wearing their default robe outfit.

When accepting a mission, you must go to the docks to set sail to the dungeon/fighting areas for the action portion of this MMO. You can see a post of missions on the board to see if there are any parties you can join that’s doing the same mission, or you can start your own party.

Let’s talk about the combat in the game. It’s action based, so that means there are no dice-rolling type hits. Everything you do is based on your action. You have two attack buttons on the mouse, regular attack and strong attack. You can chain these in many different ways. You can manually dodge the enemies’ attacks and attack them from behind. The coolest feature in the game is the ability to grab an enemy and perform devastating combos on them or throw them against objects. Some objects can break in the game thanks to the Source engine.

The different missions can get repetitive because of the same enemy and layout of the map. For example, if you’re on a mission to fine a different artifact for one NPC character, or on a different mission to stop a boss, you’ll be on the same map, depending on the chapter level. Going through the same map over and over again did test my patience.

Vindictus has a nice collection of different outfits for your characters to choose from. The only problem with getting some new outfits is the fact that you have to collect different materials from all over the town or dungeons to get what you want. It is tedious work, and really puts me off on getting new outfits.

The coolest thing I like about the game is the battle damage for the armor that your character is wearing. When enemies attack and hurt you, your armor can be damaged (by showing broken and no armor) and become useless. When playing as a female, this can get really hot and sexy. I guess the same can be said for guys too.

Overall, the game was fun and addicting with great visuals, fun combat and nice character artworks for the NPCs. The things that I didn’t enjoy about the game were the monotony of going to the same map to complete different missions and the many different loading areas for the dungeon/combat maps. But a fan of action and online play, this game is definitely recommended.

This coming October 13, Vindictus Open Beta will be available for all players in North America to participate. It’s going to have new content to enjoy, like a new scary dungeon with new enemies and bosses, more robust customization, fishing, item enhancements and guild tools. And you can now level up to level 38.

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