New TERA Online Sorcerer & Archer Images

Yes, some new images have been released for our sorcerer and archer class for TERA Online. These classes are but just two of the total eight classes. These classes are best used from afar, since their specialties are ranged attacks.

Sorcerers have light armor, but they are quick in their dodge abilities. You can teleport out of harms way and attack the enemy from behind.

Here’s a tip for archers when the game comes out, the longer you focus your attacks on the enemies, the more devastating the damage. With an army of archers, it’s time to blot out the sun with your arrows.

Tera Online is currently in development and will be out in North America and Europe in 2011.

Check out the video and gallery for the archer and sorcerer classes below.

Archer Video

Sorcerer Video

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