Sean Bailey Talks TRON, ElecTRONica, Tour, and More!

Latino Review is at it again! Sean Bailey who is the producer of TRON: Legacy and newly appointed head of production at the Walt Disney Studios, is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet. He sat down with George ‘El Guapo’ Roush over at Latino Review to talk about work, TRON, and all the goodies that are going with it!

“I talked to you a lot about “Tron”, but I also wanted to talk to you about your new position too. How are you able to manage being head of production and also a producer on an upcoming film?”

“Bailey: My bosses were really cool. When we were talking about me coming into this job I let them know it was important to me to be able to finish up my duties on this movie, and what I felt was my responsibilities to the movie and Joe. They completely got it, they said, “we trust you, we’ll figure out how to manage the time.” So I don’t see my wife and kids as much as I like, ‘cause that’s where you find the time, if it’s a Friday or Saturday night, but I love it and I love this movie. The opportunity to have your hands still really dirty in this movie and do this other job is a wonderful two-pass to wear. Interestingly, I really feel like my conversations with other filmmakers on other movies it’s informed in a different way. I feel like you maybe have a little bit of a different appreciation of some of the challenges that filmmakers face. That’s been a part of it I’ve really liked. I hope that I can work with different filmmakers in a slightly different way because of it.”

This goes to show that hard work, and equally balancing life really pays off. Am I the only one that is super jealous, and at the same time, really inspired!? Along with myself, the Nerd Reactor crew, and YOU-The NERDS, we’re all really anticipating a new kind of era. Well not so much new, but re-invented. At a time where it was all up to the movie studios and the “big shots”, now the people are having some major roles to play in how things turn out to be.

"Ohhhh Noooooooo"

“How big of a buzz is a movie like “Tron” overseas, especially in a place like Japan?”

“Bailey: I have to say our international teams at Disney get to see quite a bit early. Their enthusiasm seems to be great. We’re getting ready to do the big tour, so I can’t speak yet. The Disney enthusiasm seems very high. These people have been doing amazing work and amazing planning for their territories. I’m really excited, they’re doing a great job trying to roll out the movie in the rest of the world.”

Disregarding the caption picture of Gladiator live or die thumb war scene, Bailey does give credit specifically for the fans over seas and around the world. He does mention a little bit of the inspiration and the feel that studios and branches of entertainment get when the audience reacts, specifically speaking, ElecTRONica at Disney California Adventure Park!

“California Adventure is putting out ElecTRONica. Did you have input in that, as far as what you guys were gonna put in there?”

“Bailey: I did. They talked all of us through it very early on, the Imagineers. We had comments and questions, those guys are very good at what they do. It’s really cool. I’m very excited about what they’re up to down there. I’m actually going down there tonight, unfortunately it’s not yet open. I love what they’re doing.”

“Is this like creating buzz to see if you can put a ride in there, maybe in Tomorrowland, maybe to see the public reaction?”

“Bailey: I think that decision will be made independently of ElecTRONica, maybe it’s a small data point. Any ride thinking is we’ll see where we go, what the audience response is to this big launch over the next couple of months. I’d love personally to see it happen, who doesn’t want to see something they worked on become a ride? But I think it’s going to be a really great cool experience for the guests.”

Is it time to crack open that bag of 3D glasses and celebrate yet!? Almost! Among all other thins, Bailey did get a chance to actually speak about the film. He does mention about a “Tour” for the film. The only reason I bring this up is because if you did not know, French Electric DJ duo, Daft Punk, is leading the soundtrack for the film. They have a huge worldly fan base and can bring their own army to support the film all on their own. So it might be early to say, but in this case, a tour may not only reference a marketing agenda, but also a music concert tour! Here is what Bailey had to say about the film.

“When I’m watching the first Tron it seems like the world is almost infinite, then in this one it seems contained, almost on an island where there’s boundaries, you step outside of them you fall to infinity. Why the decision to give it more rules?”

“Bailey: It’s a pretty big world. We have big maps of it, we built our narrative around one small strip of the world so the characters could journey from here-to-here once they figured things out. It’s a pretty big world, and the video game explores one piece, the television efforts explore an entirely different piece, but all interconnected. The world is pretty huge. In the footage you saw they go into the mountainous, uninhabitable region to find Flynn, when you see that light runner go out there. That’s like going out to the mountains of Afghanistan. (laughs) It starts to feel like a difficult, edge-of-the-world type place but really it’s part of a massive system.”

“Why would Clu go nuts all of the sudden? Was it a program that got out of Flynn’s control? There doesn’t seem to be a security program like Tron in this one, there doesn’t seem to be somebody to keep an eye on Clu.”

“Bailey: Something happened in the system in 1989, when there was somebody there to keep an eye on Clu. I’ll try not to spoil it, but Kevin Flynn realized he couldn’t be in the system all the time and build what he needed to build. So he built another Clu, a digital double of himself, but he built it at the height of his ego the height of his charisma. We think there’s an interesting idea in as we age… if you were Jobs at age 34, 33, Larry Ellison at 34, 33, you built a replica of yourself and as you aged and got wisdom those traits in it just kept growing in a Moore’s Law kinda way. Just kept building and building and building. That’s where the conflict comes from. Flynn kept maturing with wisdom, and Clu kept maturing with those traits becoming the dominant traits.”

This summed up most of the interview revolving around the world of TRON. Bailey also goes into very light detail of up coming projects like Black Hole, Muppets, and Roger Rabbit 2! All of you can now lift up your jaws and go about your day with a grin.

Dates to remember:

October 8th – ElecTRONica starts at Disney’s California Adventure

December 17thTRON: Legacy releases in theater and in IMAX 3D

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