Mega Man Legends 3 is Finally Announced and for the Nintendo 3DS

Mega Man Legends or Rockman Dash in Japan, released on the PlayStation in the 90s, spawned a whole new style of Mega Man, going from the classic 2D, where the use of the mega buster defeats the robot masters, to a 3D action game, where Mega is a “Digger” in search for treasure. The game also introduced Tron Bonne and her Servbots, who would eventually get her own spin-off game between Legends 1 and 2 and return in cross over fighting games.

While the Legend series wasn’t the highest selling in the Mega Man franchise, it was a fan favorite among so many and after Mega man Legends 2 in 2000, there was never word of the series again……

It has been 10 years since Mega Man Legends 2; and finally, father of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, has announced Mega Man Legends 3 will finally continue and will keep with its 3D style on of all things the Nintendo 3DS.

“We have wanted to create a new installment in this series for a number of years,” Executive Producer, Keiji Inafune. “And it is great that we now have the opportunity to bring this title to the Nintendo 3DS.”

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