MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Risty Figure Review & Gallery

Oh yes, it’s time for another figure statue review. This time it’s the muscular and sexy Risty (or Listy) from Queen’s Blade. From MegaHouse, this figure is based on Jun Tsukasa’s art design (original Risty art created by Eiwa). The design differs from the anime, since in this one, she is ridiculously ripped and built like a body builder, only HOT! Risty is definitely my favorite character in Queen’s Blade, simply because she doesn’t look like a kid, and I love tough and sexy warrior chicks with attitude.

In the anime, Risty is a nomadic bandit who helps the main character, Leina, on her journey to to battle other scantily-clad babes for the Queen’s Blade.

The figure came out last year, but I just found out about it recently, and decided to review it and take some snapshots. The figure is without a doubt a looker. Some may be turned off by her muscular nature, but the sculpt shows a beautiful athletic body that shows some battle scars. She is tough as tough can get, and doesn’t have the cliched Anime-style cuteness of a female character. She’s one warrior you definitely do not want to cross on a bad day.

Something about these tough-looking women really makes me go crazy over them, like Red Sonja and Xena. The figure is a 1/8 scale and her top can be taken off to reveal her beautifully sculpted body. It looks like it might be hard to take her top off, but all you have to do is remove her head, pull apart the front and back side, and then pull up. Her belt can also be removed too. She comes with a shield and mace. To attach the shield, just pull off the end-cap handle, and slide the handle inside her left fist. The mace is the same deal; just pull open the end part and slide the mace inside her fist, then put the end part back.

The actual sculpting is pretty detailed. Her hair is fiery red, long and wavy. She has a nice six-pack that shows that she is built like a rock. The paint job does its job, of what little she has to wear. And her face looks pretty, but still menacing.

Grade: A

To see more if Risty without her top on, check out the NSFW Risty gallery. In the meantime, check out the rest of her gallery below.

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