Marvel vs Capcom 3 with a Side of Spiderman and Wesker, Please.

Capcom’s hype train for Marvel vs Capcom 3 continues to steam-roll the internet. Fan-favorite, Wesker, makes his debut using his supernatural zombie virus powers, gun, and even missile (I love the missile part), to combo the crap out of his foes. I love quick, mobile characters, so Wesker and his warping ability interest me. And what MVC would be complete without Spiderman? Yeah, he’s back, and it looks like it’ll be fun to swing around as him. I also like that Spiderman shows a bit of his personality at the end of the trailer, because it shows Capcom’s making a full effort. I’m almost certain we haven’t seen all of the characters that will appear in the game. So, who will we see next?

Here’s the Wesker debut trailer:

and the Spiderman debut trailer:

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