Yakuza PSP Game Becoming a Live Action Show in Japan

In America, the sales of Sega’s crime syndicate action game Yakuza (Ryū ga Gotoku) did less than acceptable by Sega, almost stopping any future titles from coming overseas. Eventually Sega gave into the demands of the fans after seeing thousands demanding the sequels to come here to the states. Finally Yakuza 3 was brought over to the Playstation 3 and fans were able to play the beat-em-up action game starring Kazuma Kiryu.

While America has seen Yakuza 1-3, Japan also had a spin-off Edo game, with Yakuza-like Samurai, and Yakuza 4. A spin-off titled Ryu Ga Gotoku Shinshou Kurohyou aka “Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther”, focused on a brand new character, Tatsuya. Not much is known of the games story, but it’s already been confirmed for being adapted into a live-action TV show.

The interesting thing about Yakuza is the big name actors the games uses like Aya Hirano and Rie Kugimiya, who have also voiced many other games. The TV show promises to be just as big.

More than likely this show will never reach American shores, but this isn’t to say it will never be seen.

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