Double Fine’s Next Game Announced

The producers of Brutal Legend and Psychonauts have announced their next project that will be released on XBOX Live Arcade and PlayStation Network later this fall; a project named Costume Quest. Although this is just a smaller arcade title, this game still has the feel of a Double Fine game. The story follows a little boy’s quest on Halloween night to find his sister. The game’s setting is very much like the other games by Double Fine production, with places like spookified suburbs, rundown carnival rides, and the local mall are all part of this game.

The story begins as the little boy and his little sister embark on a quest to trick or treat for Halloween night. Because she is dressed as a candy cane, she is abducted by a monster with a sweet tooth.  Now the little boy must battle monsters that seem to be summoned by his imagination, save his sister, and be home before curfew. This game will have many, many quests for the players to enjoy, and from one of the released screen shot of the game, there will be giant robot battle.

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