COACHELLA? For Nerds? DUH! Music Festival Caters To Us!

Coachella released their 2011 schedule much earlier than in any previous year. Next year’s music and art festival will be held on April 15th, 16th, and 17th.

This three day festival brings crowds close to 90,000 to listen to an eclectic range of music and to experience some amazing art displays. But even in 100 degree weather, nerd oasis’ awaits!

Last year our very familiar friend Kevin Butler made an appearance in the PlayStation tent!

Happily while tens of thousands skipped around the many acres to ease their musical agenda, we managed to spare some time to enter this kingdom!

And if that was not enough to convince you that Coachella is for nerds…Take a look at these pictures we snapped!!!

The Coachella ROBOT!!

R2D2 Help Save The Environment Art Display Trash Cans!!

Really Creative Camp Ground Group... WITTY AND AMAZING!

Well I hope this has made all of you cross over to the dark side!! It’s not all sex, drugs and rock n’ roll you know…

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