New Badass Collectibles from DISTRICT 9

If I had $1,000 I could just blow away, you can bet your sweet ass I’d buy every single District 9 Collectibles coming out of Weta. Last time I checked, they had just released a cool statue of Christopher Johnson and his Son. Seem like they’re bring out the big guns all at once. I mean literally, the big guns!

For $500, you can equip yourself with one of the alien assault rifles Wikus used to break into the MNU headquarters. For a $100, you can get a little one. On a side note, these weapons will not function if you are not an alien.

Last but definitely not least, the Colossus of Clout , the papa with the big mapa, the big Joe of Johannesburg, THE ALIEN EXOSUIT!

This thing is badass. What makes even more badass is that it was sculpted by the same artist that worked on the movie.  $600 is a pretty penny to spend on a statue, or you can find a fan-made model off the internet that will roughly run you $5,000! Somehow $600 doesn’t sound so bad right now.  Plus as you can see from these Hi-Res photos the attention to detail is great and these are genuine pieces of art.

For more information on Weta’s DISTRICT 9 Collectibles visit:

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