Bungie has Plans for Loyal Fans

Halo: Combat Evolved PC owners are getting a treat.

According to Bungie.net’s forum post, loyal supporters of the series who still have their CD-Keys for the original Halo: Combat Evolved for the PC on hand will be able to redeem some sort of visual flair on the armor in the upcoming Halo: Reach. Specification is as follows:

  1. The CD keys must be from Halo: Combat Evolved, which means CD-Keys for Halo 2 for the PC will not work, since Bungie did not take part in that port.
  2. Mac users are included in this promotion.
  3. The Key must have been validated before May 26th 2010; this is to prevent people from running out and buying a copy just to get the reward. To validate the Key, all you have to do is to have played online with the CD-Key anytime prior to May 26th

For those who have not played online with their CD-Key before, don’t worry, you are not missing out on recon or flames, this is just a small “thank you” for loyal fans of Bungie.

For details from the Bungie.net forums:


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