The Cosplaying Babes of Comic-Con International 2010

Attention all fanboys! The moment of truth is here.  Your dreams of the beautiful ladies (and lads) dressing up as your favorite characters have come into fruition with cosplayers like Morrigan, Padme, Slave Leia and Wonder Woman just to name a few. We present to you the beauties of San Diego Comic-Con International 2010. Enjoy!

The Green Hornet gals yet no sign of Seth Rogan.

Lady Imperial vs. Lady Gaga. Who’d win?

Best Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum cosplay I’ve seen.

Padme looking very pretty.

Cute Princess Peach and Red Riding Hood

I have no idea what she has to do with Transformers, but people were snapping away.

Slave Leia

C. Viper and Chun-Li

Wonder Woman and Robin


More Slave Leia!

Coolest Silent Hill Nurse. She even did the creepy walk. Now that’s hot.

Zapp Brannigan strutting his stuff.

My favorite Posison Ivy from Arkham Asylum

Hey look, it’s Kat Steel as Chun-Li

Very hot version of the Princess of Persia.

I can never get enough of Slave Leia.

Female versions of Green Lantern and Green Arrow with Catwoman and Batman.

Green Hornet with Kato unmasked. I kid I kid.

Definitely the hottest Wonder Woman.

Poison Ivy and Silent Hill Nurse

Kawaii Pikachu!

Wondering what kind of angle does that guy have?


Black Widow, I’m a sucker for redheads.

Winter gear Slave Leia

Jubilee, adorable as always.

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