Comic-Con 2010: Dexter Panel and a NEW Season 5 Trailer

Probably one of the more highly anticipated panels of this years’ Comic-Con was Showtime’s hit series Dexter.  Last season’s finale left many fans stunned and wanting more.  The cast and crew sat down and talked to fans about what they can expect to be in store for Dexter next season. Many fans were glad to see star Micheal C. Hall with a head full of hair. The last time the actor was seen was at the SAG Awards where he had lost all he hair due to his battle with cancer, which the actor is now fully cured of.  In addition to a Q&A with the cast, attendees were treated to a new trailer for next season.



Season 5 picks up right where the last season left off, Rita is dead and Dexter blames himself for her death .  Quinn is more suspicious of Dexter than before and believes he is the one that killed Rita. Actress Jennifer Carter, who plays Debra on the show, said that the fifth season will be about her unraveling more of the mystery behind her brother.  She’ll also play a bigger role as an aunt to Dexter’s motherless kids.  When asked how could they top last season’s Trinity Killer, Michael C. Hall joked, “Dexter will go down to hell and kill the devil himself!”

Dexter returns September 26 on Showtime.

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