Angry Avatar Fan Reviews “The Last Airbender”

As an admirer of film, I never try to just bash a movie in my reviews, unfortunately this is not one of those cases.  M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender was a gigantic waste of time for the people who watched it and for the people who were involved in making it.  Even though I am a huge fan of the cartoon series, I tried to not look at it from a fan’s perspective and that did not help at all.  I would not call myself a fan of M .Night Shyamalan’s work but I always felt he was unjustly bashed for his movies.  Sure The Happening and Lady in the Water sucked but his other films were pretty good, like The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.  Unfortunately, The Last Airbender is so butt-numbingly-awful, that it eclipses anything M. Night Shyamalan has done prior.  After watching the movie I kept asking myself, “How in the hell did he make something this awful?”

The beginning of the movie starts off pretty good with a homage to the original intro to the series.  Even when Aang is release from the ice, I got excited at how close the actor sounded to the original voice actor.  Sadly the movie just plummets downhill from here on. If you’ve never watched the series you will be lost in the story.  The film jumps around so much, you don’t know if it’s been a few days or months since that last shot prior. In less than a few frames, Prince Zuko went from being a few days behind the Avatar, to rescuing Aang as the Blue Sprite.

The acting in this movie is very cringe-worthy.  It was long shot to cast a person who has never acted before as the lead role and it shows in Noah Ringer’s performance, but it is not nearly as laughable as The Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi as Commander Zhou. The only one that I thought did a great job was Dev Patel as Zuko, even though the make up artist did a horrible job on his burn mark.  It looks more like he just fell down and got a boo-boo.  I think originally they planned to add more effects to it in post, but they just forgot about it, the same way they forgot about making this movie good.

Another big complaint was the pronunciation of characters’ names.  I couldn’t help but hear the crowd laugh at the pronunciation of “Aon-g” and “So-ka,” but the worse was when Zoku’s face was burned in a duel of “Agnee-kay.”  For Christ sakes, all he had to do was watch the show to know how to pronounce the names correctly.  Same can be said for element bending, most of the bending sequences are unintentionally funny, because you have to go through a 12-step dance routine to throw a single fire ball.  Shyamalan needs to watch a couple of Kung-Fu movies because he couldn’t direct a fight scene to save his life.

I really wanted to like this movie, but at its core, it had no soul.  Sure the characters and the world are there, but what made them so great is missing.  People clapped at the beginning of the movie, by the time the credits rolled, all I heard was silence.  I can’t blame M. Night for wanting to break out of his genre, but this movie further proves the reason why he should stay there.  The movie hints at a sequel, but I will tell you right now, I will personally see to it that every measure is taken to keep that from happening.  I have encouraged everyone I know that is fan of the series or just plans to watch the movie to not to watch it.  Instead of paying to see this movie, use that money to buy the new Avatar DVD  Which is a far more enjoyable experience then watching this movie.

Grade: F


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