SDCC 2014: First look at Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie


Walking around SDCC this year, fans will get a first look at the highly anticipated new film from District 9 famed director Neill Blomkamp. Neill’s new film, Chappie, stars Hugh Jackman, Sigourney Weaver and Sharlto Copley. Blomkamp’s new sci-fi tale follows the story of a young boy who is kidnapped by two criminals. … Continue reading

The Sinister Six gets a 2016 release date and Amazing Spider-Man 3 gets pushed back to 2018


We got some news from Sony on the upcoming Spider-Man spin-off film. The Sinister Six will be released in theaters on November 11, 2016. This in turn has pushed back the release date for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to 2018. If the Sinister Six movie does in fact star the baddies, that … Continue reading

Red Hood DLC announced for Batman: Arkham Knight


Yesterday GameStop released a blurry picture for an upcoming announcement. Today we learned that it is a Red Hood DLC for the final game of the Batman series, Batman: Arkham Knight. It is a Gamestop Exclusive DLC, so there are two DLCs announced for this game already but still no release … Continue reading

Join Nerd Reactor for the Ultimate Comic-Con After Party


Hey nerds and nerdettes, we’re teaming up with Nuke the Fridge and The Realm Cast to throw the Ultimate Comic-Con After Hours parties. Join us to party on two different nights. Bring your COSPLAY! Thursday night, 7/24 9pm-2am & Saturday night, 7/26 9pm-2am at The Bassmnt located in Downtown San Diego at 919 … Continue reading

Get ‘Shell Shocked’ with official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rap song

teenage mutant ninja turtles shell shocked

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films featured catchy rap songs that have captivated fans all over. Who can forget songs like “Turtle Power” by Partners in Kryme and “Ninja Rap” by Vanilla Ice. I bet you still know the dance moves as well. Now, we have a new rap song, “Shell Shocked”, … Continue reading

The Hunger Games: The Capitol showcases their Capitol Couture


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 have released another ‘Capitol-based’ advertisement for the upcoming film. Previously, they featured an article about the people of the Districts, a commercial starring President Coin (Donald Sutherland) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), and a commercial that was interrupted by District 13. Now, they are advertising the art, … Continue reading

New Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer goes in depth with the experience

assassin's creed unity

Check out the latest Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer showing off the “Experience”. We get a better look at the new Anvil game engine, advanced reflection mapping, HDR graphics, fog and volumetric lighting, and gameplay. The buildings in France are nearly 1-to-1 scale, and the NPC characters are more detailed and alive. … Continue reading

Nerd Block July 2014 Mystery Box Review

Nerd Block - 02

Nerd Block July 2014 Classic Mystery Box arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and it comes with 5 nerdy items inside. So how does Nerd Block fare this month? Read below and find out. Like any good nerdy mystery box subscription, the thing I check out first is the t-shirt. With Nerd Block, … Continue reading

League of Legends: A New Dawn (Cinematic)

new dawn 1

In what can only be considered as pseudo-Pixar quality, Riot games has graced us with another cinematic just in time for the upcoming Summoner’s Rift visual update. Seeing as it’s the game’s most considerable visual update since the addition of the new Twisted Treeline, it shows some of our favorite … Continue reading

Nerd Wars #21: Marvel Changes


We argue all the new changes Marvel is doing with Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Human Tourch and Thor. Previous Episodes Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected]

Awkward Conversations #86: How to Find a Date at Comic-Con


Ashley Shreve, an award-winning dating coach, joins the Awkward Duo to give listeners advice on how to pick up women, and how to spice up their romantic interactions. You’re not gonna want to miss his groundbreaking techniques for online dating messages. And…he’s offering a contest to anyone who can successfully … Continue reading

Destiny’s Vanguard Armory trailer


If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Destiny yet, Bungie has announced the Vanguard Armory pre-order content.  The Vanguard Armory will include “early access” to nine weapons, one helmet for each class and the ‘Vanguard Honor’ player emblem. These will be included to people who have already ordered any edition of Destiny for either system.  … Continue reading