Final Fantasy VII G-Bike includes new illustration by Tetsuya Nomura

cloudartworkfinalfantasyviigbike2 (1)

Later this year Square Enix will release Final Fantasy VII G-Bike for Android and iOS devices. Based off the popular mini-game from Final Fantasy VII, G-Bike will feature Cloud Strife on a motorcycle avoiding hazards, fighting enemies and bosses. Players will also be able to customize Cloud’s weapon. At Tokyo Game Show, … Continue reading

Jurassic World teases East Dock image

jurassic world

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park when Dennis Nedry accidentally knocks down the East Dock sign in the heavy rain? Well, that sign has been teased in a new photo released by director Colin Trevorrow for the upcoming Jurassic World film. Autumn. — Colin Trevorrow (@colintrevorrow) September 22, 2014 … Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Unity to go to China in Season Pass

assassin's creed china

One of the most requested settings for the Assassin’s Creed series is Asia. Now it looks like we’ll be getting that. However, for those wanting a full Assassin’s Creed 3rd-person experience, don’t hold your breath. The version that’s announced today is Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, a 2.5D game set in … Continue reading

Doctor Who: S8E5 – ‘Time Heist’ review & extras


The episode was an Ocean’s Eleven storyline, but in space! The episode was well written right from the beginning with the memory worms to the strong villainess to the terrifying monster. The supporting characters, Psi (Jonathan Bailey) and Saibre (Pippa Bennett-Warner), were a great addition to the team of bank … Continue reading

Toho Godzilla Collection Blu-ray review: Godzilla 2000, Rebirth of Mothra and Giveaway!


We received a pretty nice little care package from our friends over at Sony, and thanks to them we’ve got the chance to check a few of the newly re-released and remastered classic Toho Godzilla movies. The re-release of this classic films all began earlier this year, and since then Sony … Continue reading

Total Recall’s three-breasted woman now a reality

three breasted woman

Everybody who has seen the original Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger knows about the three-breasted woman. She was so iconic that her unique feature returned in the Total Recall reboot starring Colin Farrell. Now it looks like this is the case of life imitating art, since a Tampa, Florida woman spent a “measly” … Continue reading

‘The Graveyard Book’ audio book arrives in time for Halloween

graveyard book audio

Neil Gaiman has had his hands in a great many pies over the course of his career. His work in the field of comics is unparalleled, but beyond the seminal Sandman graphic novels, Gaiman has found himself working in the fields of television, cinema and video games. However, one of … Continue reading

Weekend BANG! Episode 33: 日本の東京ゲームショウに回す

videogame bang tokyo game show

広島、長崎のように週末バンはあなたに爆弾を落とすためにここにある。ここ卿アーロン·カーター、今週は東京ゲームショウについて話をする。スティーブン·コーリーと新人ジェイクはあなたが変なゲーム内のすべてのホットacerca今年のTGSから出てきている知っているように、この爆撃機の任務に私を一緒に参加します。いつものように私たちはあなたから聞いてほしいので、 Facebookの強打のビデオゲームビデオゲームバンバンバックスラッシュまたは上Twitterで平方フィートを打つ。だから後ろに座ると、私たちは、今週の週末強打でTGSに取り組むように、すべて、女子高生、触手、ロボットは楽しみのために準備をする Like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Weekend Bang is here to drop a bomb on you. Sir Aaron Carter here this week to talk about the Tokyo Game Show. Cory, Steven, and newcomer Jake join me along on this bomber mission to let you know about all the hot … Continue reading

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS review)


Rhythm games have never been high on my personal list of favorite gaming genres. Sure, I’ve played the occasional guitar solo on Rock Band and drummed my heart out on Donkey Conga, but for some reason games of this type do not typically hold my interest very long. But throw in … Continue reading

Silent Hills’ ghost makes a cameo in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


There is still some fresh news coming out of the Tokyo Game Show. During one of the gameplay demos for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it was pointed out the creepy ghost Lisa from the Silent Hills P.T. Demo makes a cameo appearance in the game. (Hideo Kojima is … Continue reading

Snake gets a pet wolf in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Hot news is coming out of the Tokyo Game Show for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. During the show, Konami treated attendees to a new 20 minute gameplay demo of the upcoming game. The new gameplay footage shows Big Boss actually finding himself a wolf pup. According to … Continue reading

Slender Man joins American Horror Story: Freak Show?


Fans are just a few weeks out from Season Four of AHS TV series,  American Horror Story: Freak Show. All month long FX has been releasing clips and new teasers for the upcoming season. One of the more recent videos released has caused quite a stir online because many believed that … Continue reading

Nvidia unveils ‘Big’ Maxwell Mark 2, the GeForce GTX 970 and 980


If you’ve been watching Nvidia’s “Game” 24 Hour PC gaming marathon, you’re well aware of the “Titanic” announcements made over the past day by one of the world’s top GPU manufacturers. If you’ve been unable to catch the stream over at Twin Galaxies, then we’ve got you covered! Let’s begin with … Continue reading